On This Harvest Moon

Autumn is a time for harvest as well as thoughtful reflection in the Okanagan Valley.

And just like that summer slips into autumn; our attention points towards harvest time and afterwards getting our spaces settled in for the winter. It's a bountiful time for many people, I hope your bounty is exceptional and that should you have enough, that you have the will to share with those around you.

In our region we have 4 very distinct seasons and when they turn from one into the other it's not subtle, you can smell it in the air on arrival. You can feel it on your skin and the next day the leaves are turning vibrant shades of yellow, crimson, and orange.

During this season it's a time for quiet contemplation, reflecting on what and how you've grown over the season, the lessons you learned, and the corrections you want to make for next year.

The first wave of leglalization occurred Oct 17, 2018. The next wave will happen October 2019.

My husband and I have been longing for life out in the country for years, and it dawned on us late this spring that we could have a very good opportunity to do that by getting into Cannabis cultivation.

We have a gazillion ducks we need to get in a row before that happens, and it's daunting. We've got a lot to learn about the beautiful plant and all it's potential, in fact I spent the majority of my summer growing a few in our backyard while researching and reaching out to professionals in all areas and compiling a plan; we're gaining great knowledge and confidence along the way.

Texada Timewarp Autoflower

Our first plant to come off this fall was a Texada Timewarp autoflower. I stressed the shit out of it during flower and it went hermie on me. The flower certainly smokes well now and creates a beautiful buzz that doesn't result in burn out, but a deep euphoric relaxation. No headaches reported thus far, and no other adverse effects, but the bud sure isn't pretty. Most of it is going to be used as an infusion for topicals and edibles when I get my Levo Oil Infusion machine in!

We have 2 more clones that we were gifted from my uncle that are in flower right now, but I am worried the baking soda/soap/water mix I had to use to fight powdery mildew has burnt some of the pistils; now I'm concerned the flower won't develop as it should. Next time, milk/water foliar spray. Do you have any more tips for this greenhorn? Please send me a message here!

When rumblings of legalization started I was instantly consumed with dreams of what a Cannabis industry in the Okanagan could look like. We have a wine industry that has been developing for over 30 years and now has more than 200 grape wineries generating more than $2.3 billion annually. There are secondary and tertiary industries that have been developed and grown because of the success of the now world-renowned wine industry and I truly believe Cannabis can have a similar impact in this valley.

I hope when I look back on this post in a few years, that our family has found some success in building a Cannabis farm and doing what we can go grow a successful industry in the South Okanagan/Similkameen.

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