My Ah-Ha Moment

I need to gush a little bit. When I had the ah-ha moment to get myself into the Cannabis industry it was metaphorically the brightest light that went off inside me. It was cosmic. It was spiritual. It was all those fluttery things from the bottom of my soul.

Since the first uttering about legalization my attention was laid on the vast opportunities this industry could offer the Okanagan. Since the Europeans made their way to this valley there has been a significant agricultural industry that has sustained itself for well over 100 years.

Now significantly a renowned wine destination, nearly 4,000,000 people visit the Thompson Okanagan region for all it's sexy amenities. Hot sun, huge freshwater lake, festivals, spas, restaurants, shopping, markets, golf, skiing, camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor adventure just to name a few. Soon we will add Cannabis to that list. It's fun AND it's functional! It's a hoot and it's good for your health!

I have visions of smoke lounges, community events, cafes, retail outlets, farm tours, farm stays! (We are SO building a Bud n' Breakfast out in the Okanagan countryside one day... That's a must do and will do when the time presents itself!)

Truth be told if I've ever held you captive to one of my daydream rants about these industry opportunities you probably either liked the ideas or thought I was nuts. Let's all strive to be a happy medium of both, eh? (haha) Anyway, when that cosmic light went off inside me I realized I was spending too much time telling other people about this great industry and not believing that I had the equal opportunity to participate. Dave and I have been working hard at growing our Residential Design business Haywood Design + Build and trying to shape our now 2.5 year old into a good little human (he's cute, we're doing a good job) that the thought of now pursuing ANOTHER "thing" was pretty ridiculous.

But something died a little bit inside every-time "I" told myself I couldn't do it. So here's my blog. Here's my opportunity to explore and promote the industry and help it grow so when the day comes that my family gets out on our own farm all those crazy dreams of mine can come true.

Do you have some ideas you want to share? Get in touch!

My next post will be about the BC Small Cannabis Producers & Processors roundtable that I attended in Kelowna on July 17.

Thanks for reading and please, don't be afraid to follow your dreams. Even if they are many.

Much love!