Micro Producers Wanted in BC

British Columbia; home to world famous BC Bud has been surprisingly spiritless in the months post-legalization. Licensing municipally and provincially has caused a lot of the province's experienced growers to stay in the black market and the industry growth has remained stagnant. The regulatory process isn't making it easy or worth it for those folks growing out of the their back shed to make the conversion to new legal market and let's be honest here, they have been crafting our BC Bud for many, many years.

Thankfully the BC Small Cannabis Producers & Processors Co-Op is about to be birthed after extensive research, planning, travelling, and speaking with folks who grow, process, or sell Cannabis in BC. The collective brainchild of Grow Tech Labs and Cascadia Agricultural Co-Operative Association, the BC SCPP is nearing incorporation status and will soon be accepting memberships.

Quite frankly I'm gobsmacked. I'm entering this atmosphere with VERY basic to very little knowledge about growing, distributing, licensing, etc from any stage. Sure, I've been smoking it since I was a teenager but I've never sold it, grown it, processed it, nothing. Smoked a doobie when it was going around the circle, and that was 'bout it, but I digress.

I thought I was missing some key element due to sheer ignorance, but there is literally ONE micro-cultivation license for an outdoor farm in BC. ONE. What the F@#$?!?! The entirety of the Cannabis species has spent so many generations indoors because of criminality that it's DNA has changed. It needs the sun! It needs the weather and the pollinators and the fresh, living soil. In this time of climate change crisis we need to get off the grid, we need biodynamic agricultural practices More. Than. Ever. Fullstop. The future is sungrown!

Some of the big LP's are having a hell of a time lately, Canopy and CannTrust are both in a rocky chapter and that's causing some upset in the market. Most of our Canadian supply comes from a handful of producers, some of them not even Canadian. We have American corporations growing our local industry! That didn't take long I guess.

Let's get this straight, we've got culture in our communities. We support our farmers. We support clean, organic, holistic practices in our consumer driven universe. As consumers we need to advocate for and support small scale Cannabis farmers and processors and keep the revenue in our countries, in our communities, and in our families.

If you are, want to be, or know someone who is/wants to be in the Cannabis industry and you/they are thinking about growing, processing, or selling Cannabis you could be part of a collective striving for advocacy so please take this survey, sign up for the BC SCPP newsletters, follow them on Facebook and Instagram and stay up-to-date on the beginnings of this co-op.

Campaigning for farm-gate operations, finding investments for clean, sustainable environmental practices, selling our famous BC Bud to other provinces and countries, and standing up for you in government policy are all suggested actions this BC SCPP is ready to execute. It's up to you! You decide democratically what is important for the entire industry. There will be phone in or live-streamed meetings so members across the province can participate in proceedings regardless of where they are held.

World class Cannabis has been coming out of our province for generations, yet it feels like we're missing the mark on this whole legalization thing. These are early and frustrating yet exciting days, and we've come a long way with much, much more to go.