I've Got Merch!

Holy shit you guys!

I'm starting an online casual clothing and merch line!

This is literally a dream come true for me. When I was in the business course I took in college YEARS ago, our final project was to do a business plan on any type of business we thought we would like to start. Surprise! My plan was for a screen-printing t-shirt business! This was WAY before online shopping was popular, social media was MySpace, and drop-shipping was in the distant future.

Now I have the ability to design my OWN line of casual clothing & accessories for sale on my website while I'm in my own home, raising my kid, supporting my self-empoyed husband, and raising capital for our future!

See, we have this dream. We have had a fierce desire to live out in the country since the moment we met but the Okanagan has a pretty high cost of living, so it's been a slow uphill battle getting to where we are now which is a long way away from where we dream to be!

We have a vision to start a micro-cultivation Cannabis farm in the South Okanagan or Similkameen Valley. Cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018 and we KNOW there is an AMAZING market and industry to serve in our region, province, country, and one day the world! The possibilities are just all too exciting and we want to be a part of it.

Every dollar you spend in our shop gets us that much closer to reaching our goals. If you

see something you like and decide to purchase from us, I want you do know it means the world to me! We have both Men's & Women's shirts, sweaters, hoodies, aprons, coffee mugs, stickers, toques, hats, and bags in a number of different collections. There is already a great selection with 3 different designs plus more for the holidays, and more coming down the pipe!

To browse our collections, please click here.

Want to win? Head over to Instagram,

Find this post and follow the directions on the post:



-The Haywoods