How To Roll a Joint

Rolling a good joint takes patience and practice, but once you master it you will beam with pride when you pull out your perfect doobie at your next smoke session. It can feel awkward at first, but just keep practicing and you’ll find your rhythm. Here are my tips for rolling the perfect joint:

Assemble your equipment:


Rolling papers


Grinder or scissors

Rolling surface

Lighter or match

Grind Cannabis

Place desired Cannabis flower into a grinder. While holding the bottom of the grinder, spin

the top. This counter-rotation grinds the flower through the teeth inside making it the right texture to roll and smoke evenly. “Kief” will often fall off and collect in the bottom of the grinder. You can collect this separately to make hash or any other concentrate or you can sprinkle it back into the joint to make it stronger. Once done grinding, empty Cannabis onto rolling tray in a neat rectangle shaped pile.

Prepare “Leaf”

Remove one “leaf” or sheet from the pack of rolling papers.

It will have a natural crease in the centre of the paper and dry glue on the inside of one edge. With the glue-side facing toward you, fold another crease to make a quarter section in the paper. Now there will be 2x ¼ size sections and 1x ½ section. This small trough you’ve created will help catch the Cannabis when you fill it and will also help tuck the paper during rolling.

Scoop Cannabis into Leaf

Using the cover on the pack of rolling papers as a scoop, scoop up the cannabis with one hand while holding the rolling paper in the other hand. Use the edge of the cover flap on the pack of papers to even and level out the Cannabis in the leaf. Make this as evenly distributed as possible. If you need to re-grind or cut the Cannabis a bit thinner, now is your chance. If it’s not evenly distributed, you will have lumps and bumps in your joint that will look funny and not burn properly.

Roll & Form

Once the fill is evenly distributed start rolling the paper back and forth, forming the Cannabis inside into a snake-like shape. If your Cannabis is really dry you can roll it tighter and it will still burn well. If your Cannabis is very sticky and moist you will need to roll it less tight, air needs to flow through the joint in order to be smoked comfortably. This may take some practice so don’t get discouraged.


Once the form is complete roll downwards until about 2/3 of the way down the paper, then using one thumbnail crease the top sheet somewhat tucking the top of the sheet into the form. Hold the joint so that your thumbs are side by side in the centre of the joint. Focusing

on making the centre even and tight will make the rest of the joint roll up nicely. Begin rolling and tucking the paper into the joint. Don’t worry too much about the flower falling out of the ends, you can pack some back in after it’s rolled up. Once you’ve got it all rolled up, lick the glue on the edge of the paper and roll and press to seal. Now you can pack in the loose flower that fell out of one of the ends with a small object like tip of scissors, bobby pin, etc. Once full spin the paper to keep that end closed.

Insert Filter

There are a few different types of filter you can use, but we’re going to use paper ones for this example. Simply remove a sheet, roll it between your fingers into a tube shape and insert half-way into the open end of the joint. Release the filter so that is unrolls to friction fit inside the joint, and then push it all the way in so that it is flush with the paper. You can always cut off the end of the filter if it pokes too far out of the joint.


Lightly massage the joint between your fingers to help it settle in a bit.

Last step - Light it up!

Check out this video tutorial to help iron out those details:

Thanks to Cannabis Cottage in Penticton, BC for partnering up for this video, check out their website here or their Leafly account here.