How To Consume Cannabis

Curious about Cannabis? Not sure how to consume? Look no further! We’ve got some basic information on the most common forms of consumption for the different types of Cannabis products including joints, vapes, bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and edibles. Still have questions? Feel free to shoot us a message and we’d be happy to help!

Roll a Joint

Woman smoking a marijuana cigarette, or "joint"

One of the more classic methods, rolling papers have been around since the 1600’s so it’s safe to say this is one of the most established method of consuming. There are now many different sizes, flavours, materials like hemp or rice paper to choose from. Using a larger cigar paper will give you whats called a "blunt". You can also add a small rolled up piece of cardboard to the end of the joint for a filter, it keeps the airflow steady and holds small bits of cannabis inside the joint so tiny loose chunks of pot don’t end up in the back of your throat. You can still smoke it without the filter, but you run the risk of the smoking end getting soggy with spit. Gross lol. If you are feeling particularly frisky you can add concentrates inside the joint before you roll it, like hash, kief, or oil. These extra add-ons are not recommended for the beginner smoker, they add a significant amount of concentrated THC to your smoke and will absolutely leave you on the floor if you’re not careful. You’ve been warned.

An electronic vape warms up the flower or concentrate enough that it vaporizes the cannabinoids before inhaling.


A vape can be used in a couple different ways. First, you can use dried Cannabis flower if you have a vape that specifically works with flower. Not all vapes are created equal, some use flower, some use concentrates, some you load yourself, some come with cartridges that screw on and are disposed of when the chamber is empty. A vape is usually an electronic unit that heats up the bud or the concentrate to a temperature that transforms the product into vapour, and then you only inhale the vapour. This is often perceived as more health-conscious than smoking the whole flower which can be quite harsh and damage the lungs. The vapour should consist only of the oils found in the trichomes, or crystals, of the bud. Some unregulated producers will add harmful oils that are Ok to consume orally; but cause great health concerns when inhaled. You should only consume products from regulated sources.


A bong is a vessel that resembles a flower vase and is used for smoking Cannabis.

A bong is a glass vessel that somewhat resembles a flower vase. They can be filled with water or ice in the bottom of the main chamber and the bud is packed into the bowl protruding off the front. When you put your mouth up to the mouthpiece and light the bowl of weed with a lighter, simultaneously inhaling, the smoke from the bowl passes right over the water or ice and cools the smoke before entering your lungs. You can also use a gravity bong which uses the pull of gravity using water to draw the smoke into the chamber from the bowl, which you can then inhale. There is a lot of thick, dense smoke that can come from either of these methods so again, tread lightly.

A woman is using a glass blown pipe to smoke Cannabis.


Folks have been smoking plant material from pipes for millennia for ceremony and ritual and has been made from items found in the natural world like wood, coconut, bone, etc. Modern pipes you find today are made with blown glass, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, etc. They all have a bowl, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. The weed is put into the bowl, the mouthpiece is held to the mouth, and while the consumer is inhaling, they simultaneously light the bowl with a lighter or match. The weed burns and the smoke is inhaled into the lungs. Glass pipes usually also have a “choke” on them which is a hole on the side of the bowl that is covered by the consumer’s finger during the lighting of the bowl, then the finger is removed to enable fresh air to chase the smoke through the chamber and into the lungs.

Dab Rigs

Similar in appearance to a modern bong, a dab rig is meant for smoking concentrates like shatter, rosin, or hash. Unlike a bong, the dab rig must be heated using a small blow torch similar to what you would use to make crème brulee. The lit torch is applied to the “nail” until it is hot enough to vaporize the concentrate when you touch them together. Scoop a small amount of your concentrate onto your “dab pen”, then apply it to the hot “nail”. The concentrate will immediately start smoking if the nail is hot enough. At this point you will want to inhale on the mouthpiece and the vapour will make it’s way through the chamber and into your lungs. Beginner’s beware, take small portions until you have a bit of experience with this method.

Cannabis is infused into oil or butter and then used to make cookies, brownies, BBQ sauce, muffins, the options are limitless.


Expected to be the fastest growing method of consumption once products hit the shelves, edibles are food and snack products that have cannabinoids infused into the fat used to make the food. First, cannabis is decarboxylated, then it is ground up and submerged in a heated carrier oil or butter for a few hours. The oil absorbs the cannabinoids and is then made into a recipe of gummy bears, brownies, salad dressing, chocolate bars, muffins, beverages, BBQ sauce, whatever uses a butter or oil in the recipe can be made using Cannabis. This also includes sublingual tinctures, sprays, and capsules. Micro-dosing is the key here, start low and go slow. If you have not built up your tolerance (also note: you may smoke a lot of pot, but edibles are a whole new game. If you’ve never had an edible before no matter how much you’ve smoked, you are a rookie. Believe.) you absolutely need to take your time to find your flow. Start with the smallest dose possible. Wait anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, everyone’s system breaks food down at different speeds and depending on if you are consuming on an empty stomach or not will determine how fast you start to feel the effects. Once you have waited an adequate amount of time you can determine if you need to increase your next dose or if you’ve found your sweet spot. With continued use your tolerance will build up over time and you will have to increase your dosage to feel the effects. It can be worth it to take a “tolerance break” with any method of consumption, it won’t clear your system of cannabinoids but it will help you feel the effects again if needed.

There you have it! Those are the most common methods of consuming Cannabis, if you still have any questions please feel free to shoot us a message!

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