Grow Journal - January 2020 - #1

Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.

We moved house right before the holiday season started in 2019, so despite having purchased my indoor grow tent and set up at the end of the fall I'm only now getting started on my first run.

All the equipment I've purchased has been through Better Than Nature hydroponic shop here in Penticton, BC. This is my entry level set up so I had virtually no idea what equipment I was looking for. The folks at BTN got me going with a great set up without overselling to this-here rookie and I left feeling confident in getting it set up and operational.

I purchased seeds online from Growers Choice Seeds, they have a great selection of classic strains, CBD's, and autoflowers; they also use Canadian breeders which is always a bonus supporting the local economy. The website has a great amount of information including virtually fail-proof germination guide (which coincides with their 90% Germination Guarantee), growing tips & tricks, and info about THC/CBD potential, effects, etc.

So far I've had a great experience with these genetics indoors and am looking forward to seeing how they hold up outside this spring. The first attempt at germination worked great but I had a 75% loss in sprouting. I waited about 10 days to re-germinate and with the lessons learned from the first attempt I nailed the next batch of sprouts and we are off to the races.

These are the strains I've got on this first run:

White Widow

"Despite the fact that White Widow is technically an indica-dominant breed, it tends to take after its sativa relatives when it comes to the effects of the high. But while it certainly creates the social, energetic “euphoria” for which sativa is known, White Widow is also described as relaxing, thanks to its indica roots. The strain has a piney or peppery taste and a lingering citrus flavour. "

Green Crack

"For an energetic and stress-relieving strain that will keep you powered for hours with limited euphoria, try our Green Crack cannabis seeds. A sativa-dominant choice backed by Skunk #1 and a touch of Afghani, Green Crack will tackle fatigue and leave you focused and happy."

Cinderella 99

"Turn to this hard-hitting strain if you’re seeking to waylay the symptoms of anxiety and depression, or if you just need something to kick up your mood for the day. You’ll be euphoric and happy, and as long as you don’t overdo the dose, the only side effects you should experience are a bit of dry mouth and eyes. (Do be cautious of dosage, though, as too much can lead to anxiety and paranoia in some users.) "

Critical Mass CBD

"A combination of classic Critical Mass and a pure CBD strain, our CBD Critical Mass is an indica-dominant variety with enough sativa undertones to make this an excellent “anytime” strain. Thanks to the already high CBD levels of regular Critical Mass, this CBD version has more pronounced relaxing effects and tons of medical promise. Our CBD Critical Mass contains equal parts THC and CBD: 7%."

So now I've had about 3 weeks since the good germination and I am getting ready to get the seedlings into their felt pots where they will stay for the rest of their vegetative and flowering cycles.

Check out the ad for Grower's Choice Seeds below, I am an affiliate with these guys which means that if you follow this link to purchase your seeds I earn a commission. Just another way for moi to raise $$ to start our farm so be sure to check it out!

That's it for this update, but first I want to say thank you for following my journey; this is an exciting time for our family and we're so happy to share it with you.

ICYMI we have a goal to start our own outdoor, natural, biodynamic Cannabis farm in the South Okanagan/Similkameen. Our region is well positioned to have a thriving and successful Craft Cannabis industry that rivals the world-renowned wine industry and we plan to make that vision come to life.

To help us raise $$ to make these dreams happen we have started an online casual clothing & accessories line. Every sale of a hat or hoodie helps fund our ventures, if you'd like to check it out for yourself head to our Etsy page here.