2 Years Into Legalization, Has BC Been Left Behind?

Tomorrow marks 2 years since federal prohibition on Cannabis was lifted, legalizing the sale and possession of the glorious herb across the country. We were the first country to legalize federally, which has helped encourage other countries and regions to start taking notice.

In BC we have been cultivating world renowned BC Bud for over 40 years, secretly grown in the hidden hills and far-reaching valleys of our province despite the illegality of the black market. So you would think our province would be first out the gate when legalization was finalized, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. We have over 6,000 medical and black market growers who are not being supported and/or blocked from the compliant market with only 20 micro licenses awarded provincially to date.

Coincidentally, we are in the final week of a provincial election that will decide our local and provincial leadership for the next 4 years. I'd like to encourage everyone to get in touch with their local candidates and find out how they plan to support what should be a groundbreaking industry.

The BC Craft Farmers Co-op is advocating for the micro cultivators and processors to support, grow, and expand the industry, and President Bob Davidson has submitted an article to encapsulate the grievances many folks are still feeling about the Cannabis Act - 2 years after legalization.

Please click here to read the article.