My name is Jaimie Miller-Haywood and I live in the beautiful South Okanagan city of Penticton with my husband and our son.

I have been a consumer of Cannabis for the better part of 20 years, however the new legalization in our country has really changed the way I consume the plant.  Before legalization I didn't know the difference between strains, what I was consuming, or where it came from.  Back then it was hit or miss whether I was going to clean the house for 12 hours after smoking a joint or melt into the couch and not move for the entire evening.  

Legalization has changed all that for me, I have discovered that I'm a Sativa girl.  I struggle keeping the energy and patience needed to run our small business(es) and chase our toddler around day in and day out.  I gravitate towards strains that give me an energy boost, make me laugh, and help me tap into my creative right brain which is imperative in our line of work!

I believe in the power of the Cannabis plant, but it needs to be honoured and consumed properly.  Not everyone will thrive with Sativa.  Not everyone will thrive with a Hybrid or an Indica or by smoking or by edible.  I believe more education will help individuals find what works best for them so they can THRIVE.

We've made our home in this gorgeous valley for 11 years and have been self employed designing homes locally and across Canada since 2015.  If you would like to learn more about that business please visit our website by clicking here:

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